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Garderie Éducative Île Des Petits Coeurs: 514-573-9312


Garderie Éducative Île Des Petits Coeurs is a day care center with a permit of 50 places.  It has a 40-person license for children aged between 19 months and 5 years. We also have 10 places for babies 18 months and younger.  It is governed by the Early Childhood Education Act and Regulations of the Ministry of Family and Elders. 

La Garderie Éducative Île Des Petits Coeurs is a day care center    offers educational childcare services in a quality environment that allows children to learn, Evolve in a stimulating, dynamic and safe manner. It's a great place to grow. A professional team is inspired by a well-established pedagogical program and pedagogical attitudes adapted to respect the following basic principles:

  • Each child is unique.

  • Child development is a comprehensive and integrated process.

  • The child is the first agent of his development.

  • The child learns through play.

  • Collaboration between educational staff and parents contributes to the harmonious development of the child.


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